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An Overview

Our dedicated cook provides our children with a nutritionally balanced diet and carefully plans all meals. We are always happy to cater for specialist dietary needs, and all meals are served in a separate dining area. Meal times are an important aspect of developing children's social skills. We aim to make these times as enjoyable as possible, whilst maintaining excellent table manners and hygiene standards. We actively encourage teeth cleaning after each meal.

Menus are displayed around the nursery with copies available on request.

Outings are a regular part of our nursery day. Your childcare agreement gives us permission to take your child on outings. You will be advised of intended visits in advance, to enable you to let us know if you prefer your child not to attend a particular event. Staffing ratios are maintained at all times and hired transport with protective seatbelts and the necessary insurance is always provided.

We provide painting aprons and bibs but we do ask that you send your child with a spare set of clearly labelled clothes. Seasonal clothing such as sun hats, sun cream, raincoats and wellies should be brought in to nursery when required. We actively encourage outdoor play in the most part.

It is always advisable to keep children who are unwell at home in order to reduce the risk of infection. However, if a child becomes unwell whilst at the nursery according to nursery policy, we will take them to casualty or call your GP if we are unable to contact you and feel this is necessary. All medication is administered under strict controls, and is kept safely away from children.

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